House of Human Capital

We are passionate about creating an inclusive organization that promotes and values diversity.

We consider ourselves successful when we make a sustainable contribution to the world in which we work and the people around us. People make the world go round. Corpag acknowledges this and therefore always emphasizes putting people first. We are passionate about creating an inclusive organization that promotes and values diversity. We aspire to be a true House of Human Capital. We do this for our people, but more importantly we also do this with our people. This is a firm promise which is put in practice by the four pillars of our House of Human Capital.


Corpag Academy is our internal education program. At Corpag, it all starts with the people who work with us. Our people and their potential are not seen as cost items, but as our most important assets. Everything is aimed at utilizing and developing the talent and skills of our people and optimizing their commitment, bonding, well-being and dedication. Within Corpag Academy, we do everything in our power to facilitate the personal development of our people worldwide.


Corpag Curiosity is designed as a global internship and talent development program in accordance with our values and our ambition to foster development opportunities for both students as well as Corpag. Students will be able to create their own internship experience and directly see their results in practice.


Corpag Commitment offers student loans to talented young people who strive for the best education but lack the financial means to obtain it. Corpag Commitment offers a solid opportunity to invest in young talent, with a fair interest rate.


Corpag College is our newest pillar of the House of Human Capital and is still under development. It will create external high school educational programs in cooperation with local support for children and youngsters in order for them to get a real chance at developing their skills and talents, becoming the high achievers of the future.