Powered by technology, driven by people.

We invest in technology to automate and accelerate business processes, helping to ensure our clients are better equipped to succeed in a fast-paced, unpredictable, and highly connected modern world. We continue to drive forward the further roll-out of automation of our key client service processes for, amongst others, legal and financial administration, financial reporting, trade register and tax filings and payments. At the same time, we continuously improve the automation of internal manual processes, such as client due diligence, invoicing and human resources.


Cyber and information security will remain an ongoing risk to us all. We heavily invest in keeping our information-technology systems safe from criminals by, amongst others, having appointed a dedicated information security officer, partnering with one of the most well-known cyber security experts in the Netherlands, embedding information security in our global policies and procedures, periodic training of our staff on cyber and email phishing risks, installation of adequate cyber security and detection software in our systems, and performing periodic penetration tests.


This all helps us to enable safe and efficient global trade and investment.

Information Technology